Workshops and show with Aziza!

Workshops venue

Jackson’s Lane, 269A Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5AA

Travelling combinations

Saturday 5th May 12.30-2.30

Aziza’s latest and best travelling combinations, ready for you to learn and add to your own repertoire! Aziza’s superb dancing is underpinned by her fabulous combinations which you can learn and use in your own performances. This is always a really popular workshop so book quickly!

£32 (+£1.50 paypal fee)

Or pay by bank transfer to avoid paypal fees. Email for bank details

Advanced veil technique

Saturday 5th May 3.30-6pm

New and gorgeous technique from the international queen of veil. No-one in the world does veilwork with the beauty and meaning that Aziza brings to this fabulous prop. Learn new technique and polish it to perfection in this beautiful workshop. And in the meantime, indulge yourself with the beautiful veil performance below.

£37 (+£1.50 paypal fee)

Or pay by bank transfer to avoid paypal fees. Email for bank details

Killer hips and shimmies

Sunday 6th May 11-1.30pm

Aziza’s powerful hip work is brilliant and exciting. And it’s underpinned by strong technique, visualisation and lots of drilling! Learn Aziza’s techiniques for getting super strong shimmies and killer hips, including some great drills to incorporate in your regular training. And check out those hips on our favourite drum solo video above.

£37 (+£1.50 paypal fee)

Or pay by bank transfer to avoid paypal fees. Email for bank details

Fabulous arms and upper body

Sunday 6th May 2.30-5pm

Excellence in arms and the upper body is what really makes the very best dancers stand out. And no-one comes close to Aziza for beautiful arms and poise. She moves with intention, grace and suppleness in her arms and a trained dancer’s poise and carriage of the head. This beautiful workshop will help you add that extra polish to your dancing. Not to be missed!

£37 (+£1.50 paypal fee)

Or pay by bank transfer to avoid paypal fees. Email for bank details

And a sparkling show of course!

Monday 7th May (bank holiday Monday)

Aziza and Charlotte present:

Aziza and The Undeniables!

Prepare for the bellydance show of the year, headlined by the incomparable Aziza! Joining Aziza are eleven advanced and professional dancers, including some of the best loved names in UK bellydance, who have been following an intense year-long development programme with Aziza and Charlotte. We call them the Undeniables and this show will be undeniably wonderful as each dancer performs their graduation piece, plus a big group veil dance with Aziza.

The show features a fantastic variety of bellydance styles, including Egyptian majencies, Turkish oryental, powerful stick, sassy drum solos, intense Om Khalthoum, tribal fusion, fire dance, party dances and theatrical storytelling.

Full of variety, assured of excellence, and headlined by Aziza herself, this is a show that no-one who loves bellydance will want to miss!

Monday 7th May (Bank Holiday Monday), 6.30pm
Stockwell Playhouse (formerly the Lost Theatre)
208  Wandworth Road, London, SW8 2JU
Tickets £18 from the performers (no fee)
or from the theatre box office (box office fees apply)
020 7622 9208


Aziza of Montreal!
Alexis Southall
Ciara McKenna
Henrietta Sofeya
Jennie Marshall
Katie Stevens
Kim Farnum
Roxane Grant
Sharon Coe
Tahaty Gomez
Tevec Ibrahim
Sophia Furber