Hi I'm Charlotte Desorgher

And I've dedicated my life to the beautiful art of bellydance

Belly Dancing show

I love bellydance. And I love bellydancers – a community of passionate, brave, supportive individuals, who often overcome numerous challenges to embrace this wonderful dance form.

  • Bellydancers learn to look at themselves in the mirror with love.
  • Wear beautiful costumes with pride.
  • Take to the stage without fear.
  • And dance their hearts out in the company of other passionate dancers!

I hope my life's work will support and inspire you.

After a lifetime as a bellydance teacher, choreographer, large scale event producer, dance company director and mentor to some of the UK’s most famous dancers, I retired from full time teaching in May 2023.

Over time this website will develop into a legacy site, however I still hope to continue performing, inspiring bellydancers and helping elevate our dance form which I love so much. 

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