Hi I'm Charlotte Desorgher

And my mission is to bring extra joy into the life of everyone who bellydances

I love bellydance. And I love bellydancers – a community of passionate, brave, supportive individuals, who often overcome numerous challenges to embrace this wonderful dance form.

  • Bellydancers learn to look at themselves in the mirror with love.
  • Wear beautiful costumes with pride.
  • Take to the stage without fear.

And dance their hearts out in the company of other passionate dancers!

I'm here to teach, support and inspire you.

After a lifetime as a bellydance teacher, choreographer, large scale event producer and dance company director, my total focus now is on helping bellydancers at all levels make the very most of their bellydance life.

  • Whether you’re a passionate intermediate student struggling with the seemingly impossible challenge of managing your hips, posture AND arms!
  • or an advanced/professional dancer searching for classes at your level with a teacher who can both push and support you

I teach, coach, mentor, advise, and passionately care about each and every dancer in my orbit.

My three secrets to fabulous arms!