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Two spaces left for Sunday - see bottom of page

Saturday 21st May - all new Aziza combinations!

Aziza’s dancing is not only gloriously smooth and flowing; it’s full of fun isolations and sharp moves too. In our two Saturday workshops we will really get under the skin of Aziza’s unique style by learning some wonderful sharp and smooth combinations, plus valuable travelling combinations for moving around the stage. 

Combinations are a fantastically useful way of learning – they not only help you understand the way a famous dancer puts moves together, they also give you incredibly valuable snippets that you can actually use in your own dancing!

In her workshops on Saturday, Aziza will be teaching you some totally new combinations in her own unique style that you can use in your own improvisations and choreographies.

In the morning we will look at smooth and sharp combinations on the spot, and in the afternoon we will be travelling and really using our beautiful big space at The Hub.

Sharp and smooth combinations - on the spot!
Saturday 10:30 - 13:00

In our first workshop Aziza will be teaching combinations using both sharp and smooth moves that you can use in a small space or when you are staying in one spot on stage.

Do this workshop on its own, or take the full Saturday combinations package (see below).

Travelling combinations - let's get moving!
Saturday 14:00 to 16:30

In this workshop, Aziza will be giving you some new dynamic combinations you can use to enter and travel around the stage. Enjoy the beautiful big space we’ll be using at the Hub studios – we’ve all been trying to dance in small spaces for far too long!

Do this workshop on its own, or take the full Saturday combinations package (see below).

Sunday 22nd May - workshop and show

Secrets of transformational transitions
Sunday 11:00 to 13:30

Venue The Place 

Is there any bellydancer in the world who embodies the beauty of smooth transitions quite like Aziza?

In this brilliant new workshop Aziza will guide you to explore concepts of posture, engagement, and being fully present. Theories will be practised and applied to meditative long combos.

More than learning steps, Aziza wants to share an approach that enhances your quality of movement and will truly elevate your dancing to the next level!

Major Gala Show starring Aziza!
Sunday 19:00 to 21:00

Click the image above to go through to the show page!

This is definitely not an ordinary bellydance showcase or hafla – the performers have all been working hard to create the very best show possible, with full lighting and an incredibly varied programme.

From Golden Era, through to dramatic theatrical pieces, via Chinese fusion, majency, AmCab, emotion and thrill – this show has something special for everyone, even those who are not bellydancers.

So bring your friends and family and settle down for an amazing evening of dance!

Only one Sunday workshop left!


Aziza full workshop

£ 160
  • Smooth and sharp combinations
  • Travelling combinations
  • Transformational transitions


Saturday combinations pass

Both Saturday workshops
£ 100
  • Smooth and sharp combinations
  • Travelling combinations

Individual workshops

Smooth and sharp combinations

£ 60
  • Smooth and sharp combinations

Travelling combinations

£ 60
  • Travelling combinations

Transformational transitions

£ 60
  • Transformational transitions
Only one left