Elite Bellydancer Programme

I’m seriously excited to announce that one of the coaches on Strictly Come Dancing has joined the star studded team on the Elite Bellydancer programme!

As well as his work with Strictly, Adam Borzone also teaches at the famous Italia Conti School, at Central School of Speech and Drama and LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

Adam’s unique skill set is in helping dancers portray emotion and character in dance, and he’s going to be coaching Elite programme participants in how to create powerful performances to some of the great emotional songs in Middle Eastern music, such as those of Om Khalthoum.

He’ll also be teaching us how to create character and theatre in our dance and how to convey meaning through our movements.

If you’re an advanced or professional dancer and you want to really up your game, then click the button to book a call with me to find out more about our superb Elite Bellydancer programme.

… or read on for more info!

The challenge for the advanced/professional bellydancer

Let’s face it, once you are at a certain level in your bellydancing, there’s very limited support and training out there for you.

Workshops and festivals are great fun, and you will undoubtedly come away with some new ideas, but there’s no ongoing support to help you develop the skills you’ve learned.

You go away promising yourself you’ll put what you learned into practice, but life has a terrible habit of getting in the way!

What’s your bellydance ambition?

In the past two years, through our unique Undeniables and Elite Bellydancer programmes, Aziza of Montreal and I have been helping dancers at all levels make amazing breakthroughs in their dancing.

Dancers tell us the programmes are the answer to their dreams and we are seeing exciting transformations and powerful performers emerge!

Tevec Ibrahim one of the best loved dancers on the London scene, has launched an international career as a performer and teacher, honouring her Turkish heritage.

Katie Stevens has become one of the UK’s most exciting dancers and is winning world class performance and production contracts

Kim Maria has become a must-watch performer and is making waves on the international bellydance circuit, despite only being able to dance at weekends.

A powerhouse of world class experts

You probably know that Aziza and I have, in our own ways, been responsible for raising standards of artistry and professionalism in the international bellydance sector for decades.

Now the Elite Bellydancer Programme unites our skills with other world class experts in their own fields to create the richest and most effective performance programme ever offered in the UK bellydance sector.

Here’s a taste of what the Elite Bellydancer will give you:

  • A programme of exclusive Elite Access Only workshops and lectures offering training in specialist skills from acknowledged experts in their fields. These are NOT open to the public and there are never more than ten people in the group.
  • All workshops and lectures are videoed for you to refresh or catch up.
  • Ongoing support and development following on from these workshops, to help you embed the skills you’ve learned and achieve significant, long term improvement. This is a real game changer!
  • Membership of a secret Facebook group, containing a treasure chest of tailor made quick drills videos from Aziza.
  • New videos from Aziza posted in the group throughout the year, developed just for you.
  • Completely personalised one-to-one monthly mentoring from Charlotte throughout the year, focussing on what YOU want to achieve.
  • A private one-to-one lesson with Aziza.
  • Daily support from Charlotte through the Facebook group and via phone, video or email whenever you need it.
  • A massive discount on Aziza’s online classes.
  • Discounts on Charlotte’s marketing workshops, such as Build A Beautiful Bellydance Website in a Weekend.
  • The support and friendship you’ll enjoy alongside a small, committed group of passionate dancers. Meeting regularly at your private workshops and meetups, you’ll be able to share in each others’ journey, brainstorm and learn from each other.

A modular, rolling programme

The modular nature of the programme enables you to concentrate on one particular skill area over a number of months, so you can embed what you’ve learned. It functions in a similar way to a degree programme, but without written work or exams.

In addition, one of the most unique elements of the programme is the ongoing support and development you’ll get following on from each module, to help you incorporate the skills you’re learning into your dancing, rather than just leaving you to try and remember what you learned on your own.

Most of all, the mentoring you receive is completely tailored to YOUR needs. Our aim is to help you get to where you want to be, wherever that might be and whatever type of dancer you are.

An investment in you!

We admit the programme isn’t cheap, but if you cost each item individually, it’s worth thousands more than we will be charging and we have very affordable payment plans that could see you spending as little as £100 per month for this remarkable in-depth programme.

But most of all, it’s a real investment in your future!

We know the programme isn’t right for everyone, but if you think it might just be the answer to your dreams, then either directly reply to this email or click the button below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a quick call.

In that call I promise to answer every single question you might have so that you can decide whether this powerful programme is right for you!