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Let’s face it, when we’re dancing we have so much to think about… our hips, our feet, our choreography…

Our arms just seem to get lost in the mix!

If you’re like most dancers you’ll probably find that your hands flip about like crazy, or your arms droop, or you just don’t know what to do with them!

And whenever you watch yourself back on video you can’t help noticing that your arms just look wrong.

It all seems so hard to get right! But don’t worry…I’m here to help!

I’ve created a special programme for you, called Five Weeks To Fabulous Arms

It’s easy, it’s inspiring and it will make a real difference to your dancing!

I send you a new video lesson every week, gradually building you towards mastery of your hands and arms.

You’ll learn how to create openness, flow, smoothness, connection and beautiful hand shaping. Easily and effortlessly.

And I’ll give you simple, easy homework to practice throughout the week – in just five minutes a day.

The videos are yours to keep forever so you can go at your own time and continue to improve and refresh your skills.

And I have a special offer for you today! Just £15 ($19) for the full five-week programme

I know it’s a crazy price – just £3.00 a week to help you overcome the biggest thing that everyone struggles with and which will make such a difference to your dancing!

But I know that arms are the biggest issue for dancers and I really do want to help as many of you as possible.

Just imagine, never being embarrassed about your arms or hands again…

Knowing exactly how to make them look beautiful and graceful. And feeling really proud of your achievement!

Let’s do this!

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