Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms is my unique five week programme to help you get to grips with those troublesome hands and arms.

  • Each week for five weeks, I deliver a new video lesson direct to your inbox.
  • The lessons are bite sized, easy to understand and chock-full of insights.
  • You’ll learn how to create openness, flow, smoothness, connection and beautiful hand shaping.
  • And I give you simple, easy homework to practice throughout the week – in just five minutes a day!

The videos are yours to keep forever 

So you can go at your own time and continue to improve and refresh your skills.

The full five week programme costs just £19.99
but I have a very special offer for you...

Undeniables Online is so many things – an online bellydance development programme, a lively community of dancers and an inspirational movement.

You can find out all about it by clicking on this link: What is Undeniables Online?

If you invest in Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms, I’ll give you a full month’s membership of Undeniables Online, for free, including direct access to me via my live zoom classes.

So you can get my personal help and advice for your arms and hands, whilst you’re doing the programme.

You’ll also get access to everything else that Undeniables Online has to offer, including the full range of classes, courses, inspirational talks AND our wonderful supportive Facebook community.

Just one thing to be aware of – if you DON’T want to continue with Undeniables Online after the month is up, drop me an email me to let me know, or the system will automatically transfer you to regular membership which is £19.99 a month. (You can cancel that membership at any time, no questions asked.)

And of course you still get to keep Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms forever!

If you'd rather just have the fabulous arms programme on its own that's absolutely fine!

Whichever one you decide on, I promise to do everything I can to help you achieve your goal of beautiful hands and arms.