Create beautiful hands and arms in just a few minutes a day!

Do your arms let you down when you're dancing?

When you watch videos of yourself dancing, or catch sight of yourself in the mirror, does it make you feel happy and positive about how you look?

Do your arms float effortlessly around you, framing your moves beautifully? Are your hands soft, your fingers long? Do your arms complement your moves and show you off at your best?

Or do you see droopy arms, stiff hands or any number of other ways your arms just don’t look good?

In the 25 years I’ve been a bellydance teacher, I can’t tell you how often dancers at all levels tell me that the one thing they really struggle with is their arms.

Let's face it, it's not easy!

We have so much to think about when we’re dancing:

  • our choreography
  • getting the moves right 
  • making sure our dance technique is good
  • our hips
  • feet
  • shoulders
  • posture
  • smile!
  • The music
  • which way we’re facing
  • what comes next in the dance …

Oh my goodness, our poor brain is completely overloaded with things to remember and different bits of our body we have to control!

So of course our arms and hands too often end up doing their own thing – looking stiff, droopy, wild or just plain wrong!

What if I said you could be well on your way to having beautiful hands and arms in just five weeks? And it will take only a few, enjoyable minutes a day!

Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms in an innovative step-by-step online programme thoughtfully developed to help you reach your goal of creating beautiful arms and hands when you are dancing.

After you buy the programme, you receive a series of video lessons every week for five weeks.

Each video focuses on a different aspect of your arms and hands in dance and the videos are unveiled one by one, giving you the opportunity to practise and build on the skills you learn each week.

In between, you spend just a few, enjoyable minutes each day of focussed awareness on your arms and hands… at your desk, whilst boiling a kettle or waiting for the microwave to ping.

You also receive weekly motivational emails and bonus lessons as you go through the programme.

The programme is carefully created to fit in with your lifestyle and recognises that few of us have hours of extra time to spend perfecting our bellydancing!

Most of all, it works!

Read about the wonderful results for Iris Anna!

Like so many dance students Iris Anna found it difficult to get her hands and arms looking good. She loved graceful, flowing dancing, but her hands and arms never looked the way she wanted them to.

She bought Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms and followed the programme – noticing how she was improving with every step.

After she’d completed the programme, she performed a flowing lyrical choreography at a hafla and posted a video of the performance on her Facebook page. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Almost all the comments mentioned how beautiful her arms and hands were. And they really were – it made a world of difference!

And I’m sure you’ll agree you can see the results in this lovely photograph of Anna!

I've been in love with dancing arms for sixty years!

I’m Charlotte Desorgher and I’ve been a dancer for sixty years (yes really) and a bellydance teacher for 25 years.

From a childhood completely taken up with ballet, through a degree in dance-education and then as a professional dancer, my life has been full of dance. And arms have always been my absolute favourite parts of the body, both to dance and to teach.

Since becoming a full-time bellydance teacher I’ve taught literally thousands of women of all ages and abilities to dance… and dance beautifully!

As you can imagine, I’ve seen all the problems different women experience when they are learning to dance, and have developed strategies to help overcome them.

From absolute beginners through to seasoned professionals and many who are teachers themselves, I’ve learned to solve so many of their dance problems quickly and effectively.

I love arms and hands – they are so expressive – and I love watching dancers at all levels become more graceful and confident with them as we work together.

Here's what long time dancer Glennis said, even before she had finished the programme!

“I’m now looking at my arms in a different way, I’ve got a real confidence boost and I’m getting really happy with what I’m seeing in the mirror!”

What do you get with Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms?

Every week for five weeks, I send you an email which gives you access to a video lesson. Each short lesson teaches a new skill and gives you a very quick drill to use throughout the week to help get the new way of moving into your muscle memory.

The drills are super short because three to five minutes a day done regularly works so much better on your muscle memory than an hour a week (which of course you promise yourself you’ll do but life always gets in the way!)

Half way through the week I send you another email with inspiration and suggestions for building on what you’ve just learned. This helps keep your motivation up and reinforces what you’re learning during the programme.

And there are bonus lessons too – little bite size pieces of inspiration and ideas to help you continuously improve your arms and hands.

Each video builds on the one before in a sensible and careful way, so you are developing your skills and your new way of moving, as well as consolidating what you’ve learned so far.

The videos are opened week by week, rather than all at once so you’re not overwhelmed by information and can develop at a pace that you can actually take in and use.

You can choose to go even slower if you wish – you don’t have to complete the course in five weeks, you can take your time.

The videos are yours forever! You have access to the videos forever, so you can go at your own pace and continue to improve and refresh your skills whenever you feel the need for a bit of arms love!

What you'll learn and when!

Week one

In the first week, you learn how to create lift and openness in your upper body and arms, so your arms don’t droop and sag.

You also receive my three top tips for creating beautiful arms if you haven’t already seen them. These three tips are rarely, if ever, taught in bellydance and are real game-changers!

Week two

Week two is all about hands – hand shaping, hand placement, wrist turning, how to create beautiful ripples… all you need to know about helping your hands look lovely, whatever their size or shape.

There’s even a little extra exercise to help you feel good about yourself!

Week three

This week we start to create magic! I teach you the secret that really marks the top professionals out from the student or hobby dancer.

Once you learn this lesson, you’ll see the difference it makes every time you watch international stars performing. And you’ll know how to create that magic yourself!

Week four

Now’s the time to train your brain!

As I said at the top of this page, the demands we make on our brains when we dance are incredible! They say dancers are athletes, but we’re so much more – we are truly remarkable beings.

We need to move multiple body parts in a graceful and co-ordinated way, we have to do this whilst remembering the order in which each move must happen, in time to music, facing several different directions, whilst thinking about our technique, posture and more. AND smile as we do it!

It’s no wonder that scientists are starting to realise that learning to dance has a truly profound effect on the brain – improving memory and helping to slow down brain ageing and maybe even dementia.

And in week four we start to train our brain to help us in this remarkable task.

Week five

In our final week we recap on everything we’ve been learning during the programme and I give you ideas and suggestions on how to continue your journey towards ever more fabulous arms.

I also extend an invitation to you to send me a video if you’d like my feedback and help on how to improve your arms from wherever you are right now.

A handy checklist of what you get!

♥ A new video lesson opened for you each week

♥ Lesson one: Openness and flow

♥ Lesson two: Focus on hands

♥ Lesson three: The magic of transitions

♥ Lesson four: train your brain!

♥ Lesson five: Recap and ideas for ongoing improvement

♥ Additional motivational emails in between videos

♥ Bonus lessons to give you even more help and inspiration

♥ Quick and enjoyable homework – just a few minutes at a time

♥ An invitation to send me a video for feedback

Beautiful hands and arms really can be yours forever!

No matter how long you’ve struggled, or how ‘bad’ you think your arms are, once you’ve learned my method and used it regularly, your muscle memory will take over.

And from then on, dancing with lifted arms and beautifully shaped hands will come naturally to you every time.


How do I pay?

The buttons above will take you through to our secure payment site where you can pay by card or paypal. And you can choose the button to pay in GB pounds or US dollars.

What happens when I buy the programme?

As soon as you’ve gone through the purchase, check your inbox and you’ll find an email from me with your password and a link to access your first lesson. So you can watch and get started straight away!

Thereafter, make sure you check your inbox for your weekly motivational email and next week’s video. (And do make sure to move my emails to your inbox if they end up in your spam!) 

What if I have questions as I'm going through the programme?

You can reply to any of the emails I send to you if you have a question or a problem you’d like my help with – I’m always happy to help and support you!

Do you give extra support if I'm having problems?

You are very welcome to email me or send me a short video showing me any problems you might have and I’ll send you an email or video response. In fact that offer is part of the package.

And if you feel you’d like even more intensive help, we can always arrange a private lesson together. Just email me or contact me via the contact link at the bottom of the page for more info.

What if I change my mind?

If you decide, after watching the first video, that this programme isn’t right for you, just email me within 48 hours of buying it and I’ll refund you in full. My address will be on the email you receive with your first video.

Your journey towards a lifetime of beautiful arms and hands can start right now!

The struggle is real – I know it is!

But I also know that Five Weeks to Fabulous Arms will give you the tools and the focus to change your dancing forever.

Of course you have to actually do the programme, follow the advice and, yes you do have to practise – a single lesson, or even a series of lessons won’t make any difference to your dancing without your involvement and your commitment.

But I promise that it will be a fruitful journey and that the exercises I give you are quick, easy and enjoyable – even a little bit magical! 

But most of all, it works. And once the new ways of moving are in your muscle memory, you can say goodbye to the struggle and enjoy your dancing, knowing your arms are floating around you in harmony, just as you always hoped they would.