Aziza interview on American Cabaret Style

American Cabaret style bellydance (known as AmCab) is one of my absolute favourite styles. It’s the fantasy bellydance of my teenage years and has a rich and fascinating history.

But it has fallen out of favour enormously in recent years. 

Born out of the melting pot of 1970s America, where an eclectic mix of emigré musicians from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Armenia played in Arab nightclubs and restaurants, there was a need for dancers to help entertain the crowd. Young US dancers (who had no access to videos, let alone YouTube in those days!) created a fantasy style of bellydance, full of variety, drama and clever tricks. 

One of the greatest AmCab dancers of all times is Aziza – originally from Portland in Oregon, US, she learned from the original greats of the style and was very much part of the development of this fascinating style.

So when Aziza was with me in the UK recently, I asked her to talk to me about AmCab 

  • What exactly is AmCab?
  • What’s the structure and why did it develop that way?
  • The terror of the Turkish drop!
  • Why has it fallen so far out of favour now?

It’s a fascinating interview about a really important phenomenon in bellydance; a style of dance that fulfils so much for many of us, but one that is in real danger of being lost.

I hope you enjoy the interview and if you want to know more about the style, I’ll be teaching it soon in Undeniables Online – my online bellydance school

Find out more about Undeniables Online here.

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